About Us

We are a team of female attorneys at law with a wide range of expertise in regulatory matters. Our background in the public and private sector allow us to provide our clients with an specialized knowledge of the energy market. Undoubtedly, we better understand strategic interests and objectives of the diverse public and private agents in the energy market.

Our Value

The multidisciplinary analysis is the core of our working method. We mitigate tecnic regulatory and legal risks wich could affect not only efficiency and sustainability of business, but also future investments in the energy sector.


Power generation companies, project developers and other clients who already trust on us.

+3,900 MW

Of installed generation and consumption electrical capacity in terms of either evaluation or conexion to the National Electric System.


Dayly and weekly monitoring reports develop to satisfy our clients’ special needs.


Regulatory Monitoring

We provide regular reports and analysis on the new and emerging regulations and trends with incidence on business and operation performance. Our main objective is to deliver to our clients customized reports responsive to their interest and challenges.

Specialized Advisory Services

We offer highly specialized advice that addresses complex challenges from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach, resulting in an appropriate guideline to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Project Development

We deliver expert advice in both commercial and technical matters related to open access procedures, transmission system expansion planning carried out by the regulator, as well as grid connection processes.


Daniela González

Partner and Founder.
From Universidad de Chile. MSc in Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science.  Daniela has hold executive positions at the National Energy Commission, CDEC SING (the former Independent System Operator for the Northern interconnected system) and the Independent System Operator (Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional). Daniela is the leader of our regulatory team. She has a long experience in regulated sectors, public policies and regulatory framework, developing administative and legislative procedures in the utilities sectors.

Pamela Barros

Partner. Attorney at Law from Universidad Diego Portales, MSc in Public Policy from the University College London, and postgraduate studies in economics and finance, and environmental compliance management. With more than two years of labour experience, Pamela has worked at the Ministry of Economy, Telecom Undersecretary and Civil Aeronautical Board, among others. She has a strong knowledge and experience regarding utilities regulation and administrative law.

Dacia Egas

Senior consultant. Diplomate in contract management. Dacia has a long experience in the private building sector, providing consulting services for companies in prevention and conflict resolution. She also has an extensive experience in the public sector.

Geraldina Martínez González

Senior consultant. Attorney at Law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica specialized in Public and Administrative Law with sound expertise in public transparency procedures and regulations and experience in both public and private sector. Geraldina was part of the Legal Affairs Department at Chilean Independent System Operator (Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional) and worked at the Ministry of Interior and Public Security as senior adviser in open government affairs.

Andrés Guzmán

Associate Consultant.
Civil Electrical Engineer from the Universidad de Santiago. He is also a Master in both Management Skillsand Regulation as well as  a Diplomate in Finance and Investment from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. With over 15 years of experience in executive positions at CDEC-SING and the Independent System Operator, Andrés has dedicated his career to electricity system planning and open access matters. He brings a strong background in consulting studies for the planning and operation of electric power system.

Fernando González Durán

Senior consultant. Attorney at Law and Master in Public Law from Universidad de Chile, along with several diploma courses in public and administrative regulation, public management and open government. Fernando has a long work experience in the Public Administration, such as Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Public Security Affairs and Ministry of Social Development.

Patricia Sepúlveda

Associate Consultant.
Attorney at Law from the Universidad Andrés Bello. She has worked at the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Internal Affairs. Patricia has over 12 years of experience in administrative law and real estate matters, especially supporting our clients in diverse areas, such as permits, contracts and title search.

Verónica Bustos

Associate Consultant.
Attorney at Law, LLM in Regulation from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She has worked at the utilities sector for more than 12 years, including at Telecom Undersecretariat, CDEC-SING and the Independent System Operator. She has extensive knowledge and experience in economic regulation and public and administrative law.

Pablo Cereceda

Corporate Communication Expert with extensive experience in both the public and private sector in executive positions. Pablo has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing stakeholder management, crisis prevention,  and business reputation.